Private Gyms in Southsea / Portsmouth?

At Workout Coach we offer a unique coaching experience from our dedicated private gym in Southsea. We have a large selection of gym equipment through to our wonderfully quaint massage rooms, complimentary refreshments & dedicated spaces for training, recovery, nutritional guidance & and open gym for our clients to use.

Are you looking for a private gym in Southsea / Portsmouth?

We can help…if you’re looking to work towards your fitness and wellness goals in a welcoming space that is ideal for private workouts away from the general public then Workout Coach is the place to be. 

Can you use the private gym in Southsea outside of Personal Training sessions?

Yes you can! & it’s at no extra cost. Our clients are welcome to use the private gym as much as they’d like around our existing schedule, we book the slots in week by week & plan our clients gym use around our coaching schedule to ensure you can use the gym multiple times throughout the week without redeeming those ‘uses’ as PT sessions.

If you’re a member of the public, can you use the gym & pay as you go?

Unfortunately you have to be a client at Workout Coach to be able to use are dedicated spaces. If you’d like to learn more abut working with us & have never explored the idea of working with a coach before then reach out directly to us through social media platforms or on 07919 852 618