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This package is a ideal for women looking to get in shape for their wedding, drop a dress size or two, or even gain some more tone to fill out a dress.

We look at every aspect of your physique, diet, training & mindset to ensure we guarantee the result for that special day. You are a walking example of our work; its in our best interest to help you see and achieve the results that you're after. 

We not only have sessions with you on one one, we also include a full breakdown of your macronutrient tracking giving you a detailed look into what you should be eating and drinking at particular days and months leading up to the wedding. 

We track your weight and measurements to ensure you are making progression in the right areas, whilst giving you enough flexibility to live your life freely without it being super strict and regimented. 

It is important for us to be happy with your mindset on approach to the journey as these decisions can be life changing. Everyone's goals will be different and individual to helping you tone up, burn fat & look incredible on your special day.

The price quoted will be a starting rate, top up's will be applied accordingly with the sessions you choose to add on if required. 


(e.g we start training twice a week, a month in you decide you want to up your sessions to 4 sessions a week we will deduct these sessions of the total, meaning you may need add ons for the lead up to the wedding date*)

What's included, a full consultation with our nutritionist, one on one sessions with your own dedicated PT, complete privacy in our indoor facility, weekly check ins, weight and measurement tracking, macronutrient tracking as well as training programmes & meal planning upon request.

Feel free to ring us on 07919 852 618 to discuss your thoughts and we will be happy to arrange a suitable package that works for you. 


*£480 is based on the 16 sessions plan at £30 a session (top up sessions will need to be applied as well as other plan costs)


Sessions are based around the individual needs of the client, we will have a phone consultation to discuss your goals moving forwards & our approach to achieving these goals. 

Sessions can be redeemed as frequently as you choose depending on your schedule, the more you commit the more you save per session.

We hold session booking for a maximum of 6 months on bespoke programmes.